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Crew Management


MDS Events have the experience to manage the crew; from a very small team of only 5 right up to a large crew team of 300+!


Who have we managed?

We have managed a very diverse selection of crew. Students (16 years and over!), professionals (Bankers, Lawyers, Doctors and even Accountants), housewives, and even grandparents have crewed with us!


Why do people want to crew with us?

Simply because they are valued, and they know that from the first day!

We treat our crew with respect, we train them way beyond their requirements, to become Leaders, and we constantly mentor and motivate them! In short, we treat them as our own family! And especially because we make the situation into a FUN experience for everyone, while working hard to ensure that EVERYTHING gets done before it is expected!

We can source a crew team for your event, subject to certain conditions being met, or we can work with your own team if you prefer.


Contact us at info@mds-events.com for further details.




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